Are you aware that the calls of the new Interreg Euro-MED 2021-2027 are coming soon?

Are you aware that the calls of the new Interreg Euro-MED 2021-2027 are coming soon?

Interreg Euro-MED 2021-2027

The next Interreg Euro-MED Programme 2021-27 has a very targeted and specific main goal: “Contributing to the transition towards a climate-neutral society: fighting against climate change impact on Mediterranean resources, while ensuring a sustainable growth and the well-being of its citizens”.

The geography of the new period was finalized by the Programme's Task Force on March 3, 2021, bringing two (2) new countries (Bulgaria and Republic of North Macedonia) and three (3) new areas in Spain (Castilla-la-Mancha, Comunidad de Madrid and Extremadura). The Task Force approved the 1st version of the new Programme in April 2021, and the final Submission to the European Commission is expected to take place in September 2021. After the final approval from the EC, the first call for proposals will be announced.

The Programme has three (3) core (vertical) missions and one (1) horizontal. The core missions are: 1) to support an innovative sustainable economy (focusing on an innovation eco-system with 4helix stakeholders and the transition to a circular economy), 2) to protect and restore the natural environment and heritage (focusing on improving the management of natural resources, 3) promoting green living areas (focusing on preventing and mitigating risks, supporting energy transition and promoting greener living). The horizontal mission is Sustainable Tourism.

And all these under three (3) priorities, namely: Smarter Med, Greener Med and Med Governance.

You can find more information, a Programme's timeplan and a visualized Interreg Euro-MED 2021-2027 structure at:


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