• Depending on the subscription package you will choose, you have different limits of consortiums that you can develop or in which you can participate per year.
  • We have no responsibility for your not being called by registered organizations to participate in their consortiums (for organizations) or to develop consortiums for them (for consulting firms).
  • Each Subscription receives a Subscription Code Number (SCN) and it is a combination of limits of consortiums and time (the Full Package has only the limit of time).

When your subscription ends:

  • You cannot finalize the consortium that you have still under development (unless you renew your subscription).
  • When your Subscription is renewed, your consortium under development will count in the limits of your new subscription.
  • All your unused remaining numbers of consortiums (that you have not developed within your subscription and within your subscription limits) are erased.
Make sure that you carefully fill in your organization’s correct invoicing data, because our Financial Policy does not accept the canceling of issued invoices. Remember that the subscription cost can potentially be eligible under the “Preparation Costs” of one approved (for funding) project of yours, so you can earn back your investment in our services. You will be able to use as proof the document that our system produces (with the logo and website/ dates and hour) when your consortium is finalized.


59.00 € / ANNUALLY

Build up to 1 consortiums

Participate in up
to 2 consortiums*


119.00 € / ANNUALLY

Build up to 2 consortiums

Participate in up
to 4 consortiums*


499.00 € / ANNUALLY

Build limitless consortiums

Participate in
limitless consortiums*

* For consulting firms there is a 15% discount on the Frequent Package and a 30% discount on the Full Package because they only build consortiums for their clients (subscribed organizations that have added them as their consultants).