Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

The portal, apart from a consortiums’ building application, is also a community of EU funded projects’ seekers, in which everyone must feel respected. The Administrator, the Team and the Users of the portal must make sure that this happens. The Community Guidelines describe what expects from its Users. All Users must read this information carefully.

Be Active

The continuous improvement of your Organization’s or your Consulting Firm’s profile, the development of new consortiums, the participation in other Members’ consortiums and the interaction with other Users in Community News, helps to the improvement of your total experience and work results with

Respect Laws

The portal is a web-environment on which sexual services, hate groups, terrorism, organized crime, buying or selling firearms and illegal drugs are forbidden and no tolerance will be shown to offenses.

Respect Others

Everyone must treat others and collaborate with them with respect. The portal is an application with an open community platform made up for multiple groups of people and organizations with differing views, opinions, and cultural backgrounds from all over the world.

Respect the Portal’s Rights

Please do not use to wrongfully collect data or information and violate its property rights and the rights of its Users and Members.

Provide Real Information

Please do not provide incorrect information about your Organization, your Consulting Firm and yourself in the respective registration forms of

Be Professional

Please behave professionally when working with other Organizations, Consulting Firms and people on You must respect the nature and the value of discussions on professional issues.

Not Breaking the Rules

If we receive any notification from a rights’ holder that any of the content uploaded on your account on infringes her/ his/ their copyrights, or if we believe that your activity violates any of the guidelines of, we will send you a written warning directly. If we must send you more than two of these warnings, we will terminate your account. In most extreme cases, we reserve the right to terminate your account immediately, without any prior warning.

Check Well Before

These guidelines are written to ensure that every User and Member of will act and behave in terms of dignity, equality and legality. In case that you are sure that you can’t fulfil all our Guidelines, please do not participate in And please be sure before you pay any of our subscriptions, because our Financial Policy does not allow refunding to customers.