Britain to Lose Significant Number of Millionaires by 2028, Report Predicts

According to a report, Britain is anticipated to lose nearly one in six of its U.S. dollar millionaires by 2028. Meanwhile, other countries like the United States and Taiwan are expected to see a rise in their millionaire populations.

The UBS Global Wealth Report for 2024 forecasts a 17% decrease in the number of dollar millionaires in Britain, dropping from 3,061,553 last year to 2,542,464 by 2028. Similarly, the Netherlands is projected to see a 4% decline, reducing its millionaire count from 1,231,625 to 1,179,328.

Eurostat Launches New Tourism Satellite Accounts Webpage for Europe

Eurostat has unveiled a new webpage dedicated to tourism satellite accounts (TSA) in Europe, as part of its experimental statistics section.

The newly released experimental data offers indicators that evaluate the economic contribution of the tourism sector. This complements existing information from the accommodation sector and household surveys, which primarily focus on visitor movements within and between countries.